Will Smith is working hard to regain the esteem of his peers and the public… Media Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the star of Men in Black recently underwent a tailor-made therapy to try to calm his bloody issues, after his famous slap to Chris Rock during the Oscars, last March. The actor would thus have integrated a program in a rehabilitation clinic in order to learn how to better manage his impulses and modify his behavior in the future – information not commented on by his entourage.

Recently, he was also seen in India, a country he has visited several times in the past. The actor was thus photographed at the end of April in a private airport in Bombay, where he greeted the paparazzi with a smile as well as fans who recognized him. According to the American press, he made the trip for spiritual purposes, “to practice yoga and meditation”. A way also to escape the pressure, to take a step back and take stock of his personal situation after the hustle and bustle caused by his scandal at the Oscars. “Change takes time, and I am committed to doing the work to ensure that violence never again takes precedence over reason,” he promised at the time.

According to the American celebrity press, his couple would also be under tension: his wife Jada Pinkett, who was the target of comedian Chris Rock, believes that Will’s reaction was completely excessive. The couple, however, wanted to reassure the public by denying any rumors of divorce: “We are still together and our marriage is intact,” they said. The day after the affair, Jada Pinkett had made it clear that the time was now for reflection and work on oneself. “Given everything that’s happened over the past few weeks, the Smith family is focused on deep healing. Some steps around this healing will be shared when the time comes…”

Official regret, discretion, then meditation… All that’s missing is the organization of a media pardon between the actor and his victim to try to turn the page, during a staging of which only Hollywood has the secret. It is still necessary that Chris Rock agrees to go up as a duo on the stage. “Will’s spiritual trip to India to do yoga and meditation seems cynical and ridiculous, considering he didn’t personally apologize to the one person he assaulted in front of millions,” said a person close to the case to the American media Page Six. “And dozens of ‘namaste’ won’t change anything. “One more effort, Will…



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