king of the bargain

At 35, Pierre Jouvet, from a party that may be living its last hours in its current form, embodies a new socialist generation. A fortnight ago, he was unknown to the general public. He largely rectified the situation during the recent and interminable negotiations with La France insoumise (LFI) to give birth to a large rally of the left in the legislative elections, called New popular, ecological and social union (Nupes). Appointed chief negotiator by the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, his face has become embedded in the media. A sudden notoriety that could serve him: he himself is a candidate for deputy, at home, in the Drôme.

Disappointed with Holland

He took his PS card on April 22, 2002, the day after Lionel Jospin was eliminated in the first round of the presidential election. Then he was responsible for mobilizing young people during the 2012 presidential campaign. He broke with Dutchism at the end of his five-year term, during the debate on the forfeiture of nationality. “On April 21, 2016, I was invited to lunch at the Elysée. I say two things to the president: I am not sure that Emmanuel Macron should be allowed to prosper. He replies, “You’re jealous.” I also tell him that the forfeiture of nationality will be an irreparable wound between the PS and the people of the left. He replied, “You weren’t the one who stepped on corpses at the Bataclan.” Since then, alongside Oliver Faure, he has wanted to turn the page on the elephants.

Fluctuating with macronism

During the 2017 legislative elections, he was criticized for a campaign leaflet on which he appeared, in a photo, with Emmanuel Macron. The staging of a compatibility of which he recognizes the fault. “I was a PS candidate against Emmanuel Macron. I had drawn red lines. But I said that I would not be a stupid and mean opposition candidate. I thought it was the new Mendès-France. In fact, it was the new Giscard who quickly turned into the new Sarkozy. “He is eliminated in the first round. This time it’s clear: he’s running under the Nupes banner.

Future figure

A graduate of Sciences Po Lyon, mayor of Saint-Vallier (4,000 inhabitants), general councilor of Drôme, he began his career alongside Didier Guillaume, senator and president of the socialist group. He becomes his chief of staff at the presidency of the general council. In 2018, he engaged in the reconstruction of the party with Olivier Faure, newly elected first secretary. Pierre Jouvet was then appointed national secretary for the development and structuring of the party. Before taking the lead. He is now spokesperson and national secretary in charge of elections. With unquestionable outspokenness: “We have become so social democrats that we have become boring. »


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