Emmanuel Macron will be expected at the turn by the French during the five years of his new mandate. As revealed by a survey carried out by Elabe for BFM TV and L’Express, purchasing power appears to be the main priority that the Head of State will have to tackle, according to half of those questioned, who believe that this theme must be at the heart of the President’s action. Voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (70%) and Marine Le Pen (55%) are the most likely to place purchasing power as a top priority, compared to 41% of Emmanuel Macron voters.

According to the results of this survey, economic growth and employment must also be fully part of the policy led by Emmanuel Macron until 2027 since 39% of French people consider them a priority. Reaching 26% and 22% respectively, safety and ecology are in third and fourth place, ahead of education.

On how to govern the country, an overwhelming majority (81%) of respondents express the wish that the Head of State rely more on citizens to guide his choices and actions. Almost half of respondents (46%) also believe that local elected officials should be involved in this process. Another major change desired by the French: the blank vote. 77% of them hope that it will be recognized during the next electoral polls. Finally, 75% of respondents hope for the introduction of proportional representation in legislative elections.

While Emmanuel Macron claims to have already chosen his future Prime Minister, 44% of French people do not attach importance to the political label of the next head of government. Conversely, 23% of them want it to come from the left, and 18% from the right. Regarding the ideal profile, professional experience outside politics (64%) or a past as a local elected official (54%) are real assets, according to a majority of French people.



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