Canoe polo in Berlin: girls offensive at the Havel brothers. “On May 21, Girls’ Day will take place for the first time on our club premises,” Jutta Füssel from the KSVH’s canoe polo headquarters told the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel. The “H” stands for Havelbrüder, and the association is based on the island of Eiswerder in Hakenfelde.

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“We want to show girls this great sport and they can try it out right away.” A top athlete is also on site: Hannah Kunz, 20. She was German youth champion several times, twice European U21 champion and now travels with the national team in the July to the World Games. Füssel: “We look forward to all girls who want to get to know the best sport in the world and follow in Hannah’s footsteps.” Registration for Girls Day is on the website

Blau-Weiss Spandau: plans to move to Wilhelmstrasse. The football club Blau-Weiss Spandau around Tom Hüsemann has to leave its sports field because it is being demolished, including the “Zum Endspiel” clubhouse. By the way, the soccer players of the second team just painted it, look here. The reason for the demolition is the new construction of the Bertolt Brecht School next door: The plans were a topic for weeks here in the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Spandau, with all the details and the first sketch for the redivision of the area. The BBO is Spandau’s largest school. The new sports field is being built about 40 meters south at the level of the “dog meadow”. Spandau’s city councilor for sports, Frank Bewig, CDU, explained all of this on site. “Due to the new school building, the large playing field and the clubhouse will have to be relocated in the medium term,” said Bewig, but: “Together with my school and sports department, I will do everything to ensure that the club has a future at this location.”

New boule lane at the Hakenfelde stadium. Thomas Bialkowski, head of the DJK association, writes this to the Spandau newsletter: “In June we will inaugurate our new boule alley at Hakenfelder Straße 30.” Who does not know DJK yet: The abbreviation stands for “Sportvereinigung Deutsche Jugendkraft Spandau”. The sports club has 140 members and was re-established in 1955 in the parish of St. Wilhelm in Wilhelmstadt (“During the Nazi regime, the DJK was banned, like many other associations.”) ‘Sport for the sake of the people’ is one of the Principles of the Catholic Sports Association DJK. Online:

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SF Kladow: 500 spectators at the judo championship. After a three-year break (“due to Corona and construction work”), the open championships took place in the sports hall of the Ritterfeld elementary school in Kladow. “This is the largest judo tournament in Spandau with 250 participants from 27 clubs and 500 spectators,” writes Dirk Balke, 53, head of judo at Sportfreunde in the Spandau newsletter. Above you can see a photo with him, with Mayor Carola Brückner, SPD, and Kladow Budo boss Josephin Krause. Dirk Balke is also behind the initiative, which aims to promote the sport of judo. “My heart has been beating for Sportfreunde Kladow for over 25 years. In the future, I see it as my task to push judo in Spandau,” he told me in the newsletter a year ago. Now there is also a new website, here it is:

VfV Spandau: Women are Oberliga champions. The good news came after the training session: VfV handball players are champions of the Oberliga, which stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Spreewald, three games before the end. Next home game: May 13 against Neubrandenburg, 7.30 p.m. at Falkenseer Damm. Unfortunately, the Berlin Cup final that was announced last week was postponed at short notice and without giving a reason. But there will be news about this in the next Spandau newsletter: Because Spandau’s best handball players have contacted us quickly….

Rowing Clubhouse: Art on the Frey Bridge. Spandau’s clubhouses become places of culture. Last week it was about the new exhibition in the “German-British Yacht Club” in Kladow, this time about a vernissage in the clubhouse of the Spandau Rowing Club Friesen on Freybrücke (Wilhelmstadt). “My exhibition opens in the freshly renovated Spandau Rowing Club Friesen on Sunday, May 15, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.,” writes painter Barbara Haag to me (usually lives near Ku’damm). In addition to art on the walls, there is sparkling wine, coffee and cake is also available, and the location on the Havel is nice anyway. The highlight: “The singing cook Etienne van der Nest, who has taken over the catering, will sing a few songs.” Address: Mahnkopfweg 6. If you want to see a first picture, you can take a look at the current Spandau newsletter.

American Football from Spandau: Bulldogs win. The start of the season also for the Spandau Bulldogs (founded in 1988 at Kiesteich), who won their first game at the weekend 54:6. The first home game will take place on May 22, 3 p.m. in the Schleusener Stadium. Opponents are the Berlin Rebels Prospects, which belong to SC Charlottenburg.

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