Now, in the course of the affair about protective masks that are supposedly “fairly” produced, things could also get legally tight for the entrepreneur, musician and popular influencer Fynn Kliemann (800,000 followers). The WDR Mediagroup is examining legal action against Kliemann after the mask revelations that the “ZDF Magazin Royale” had taken with Jan Böhmermann, a WDR spokesman told the Tagesspiegel.

After the mask requirement was introduced in North Rhine-Westphalia in April 2020, 1Live gave the WDR mediagroup the order to procure 5000 reusable masks with a logo print. This has received corresponding offers from three providers. The offer from Global Tactics (in which Fynn Kliemann has a stake) was by far the most economical.

Therefore, the WDR mediagroup commissioned the company in May 2020 to produce 5,000 branded fabric masks at a net unit price of 1.81 euros, all on the assumption that the masks are produced fairly in Europe. According to WDR, the company had widely communicated this.

“It would be very unfortunate if masks from dubious production were delivered instead. The WDR mediagroup is examining possible legal steps.”

Fynn Kliemann denied fraud in the “Spiegel” interview, but admitted exaggerated and untenable statements and estimated the pre-tax profit with the masks at over 400,000 euros. Jan Böhmermann had documented that the masks were not made in Portugal but in Bangladesh, which does not correspond to fair production.

According to Spiegel Online, well-known business partners such as Toom and Viva con Agua have now turned their backs on  Kliemann, who, in addition to his music and craftsman videos, is known for his alternative project “Kliemannsland” in Lower Saxony and a Netflix series with Olli Schulz.


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