(Washington) The US Congress took a first step on Tuesday towards releasing a staggering new envelope of nearly $40 billion for Ukraine, following Joe Biden in his unwavering support for Kyiv.

“With this aid package, America sends a signal to the world of our unwavering determination to support the brave people of Ukraine until victory” against Moscow, said Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. , a few hours before this text was adopted by elected officials on both sides.

This package must now be voted on in the Senate before being signed into law by Joe Biden.

Within this large envelope: 6 billion dollars which should enable Ukraine to equip itself with armored vehicles, strengthen its anti-aircraft defense at a time when fighting is still raging in the east and south of the country.

Nearly 9 billion dollars are also planned to ensure, among other things, “the continuity of Ukrainian democratic institutions”, as well as a large humanitarian component.

The American president had been asking for several weeks for a huge budget extension of 33 billion dollars to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

But, Monday evening, Democratic and Republican leaders agreed to go even further, finding a compromise around an envelope of 40 billion dollars, the equivalent of Cameroon’s GDP in 2020.

“Passing this emergency funding quickly is critical to helping the people of Ukraine in their fight against cruel Putin,” Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday.

He felt the United States had a “moral obligation” to stand with “our friends in Ukraine.” The upper house should decide on this envelope at the end of the week or at the beginning of next week.

Rarely in a Congress so accustomed to political bickering, these measures enjoy overwhelming cross-party support.

In a statement on Monday, the US president urged Congress to vote “immediately” on such funding.

There is, according to the American executive, an emergency.

US intelligence chief Avril Haines warned on Tuesday that Vladimir Putin, who is preparing for a protracted conflict in Ukraine, was counting on a waning of Western support for Kyiv.

The Russian president is “likely counting on a weakening of the resolve of the United States and the European Union, when food shortages and rising energy prices will worsen”, she warned. .

However, according to Joe Biden, the resources provided by the United States to help Ukraine must dry up within ten days.

“We cannot let our aid distributions stop pending a decision by Congress,” said the American president, who regularly expresses his desire to lead the great fight of democracies against authoritarian regimes.

Nearly 9 billion dollars of these funds must also allow the Americans to replenish their own armament stocks.

Traditional ally of American presidents in foreign policy, Congress had already released nearly 14 billion dollars for the Ukrainian crisis in mid-March.

During a virtual address to elected officials, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared the conflict in his country to the darkest hours of American history, Pearl Harbor, the September 11 attacks…

Two Senate heavyweights, Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Richard Blumenthal, went a step further in the fightback against Moscow on Tuesday, unveiling a resolution urging the top US diplomat to put Russia on the US blacklist of “states”. supporting terrorism”.

Four countries today are on that list: Cuba, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.



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