Russia will be forced to take military and other measures before the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned. The Kremlin indicated that the reaction will depend on what the expansion of the Alliance implies in terms of the accumulation of military infrastructure near the Russian borders. “Russia will be forced to take both military and technical response measures, as well as other , aimed at tackling the threats to their national security that arise as a result of it, “says the Foreign Ministry statement. The president of Finland, Sauli Niinisto; and the country’s prime minister, Sanna Marin, urged this morning to urgently apply for NATO membership. Until now, Finland has based its security on strong national defense and international cooperation. Her recruitment system provides her with a large number of reservists: 280,000 in case of total mobilization. In addition, the Finnish defense industry is highly specialized, it exports a lot and at the same time purchases a large amount of equipment from abroad. Moscow is perfectly aware of these potentialities. Russia shares 1,300 kilometers of border with Finland. The Finns embraced neutrality in order to survive without being attacked again by Stalin. For decades, Helsinki avoided taking a stand on issues that might irritate the Soviet Union, although this meant reducing the country’s political sovereignty. But actually Finland has not been a neutral country for more than 30 years. Finland (and also Sweden) joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace program in 1994 and the European Union in 1995. Analysts agree that Stockholm will follow in Helsinki’s footsteps. Sweden plans to apply for NATO membership on May 16, according to local media. Moscow, which claims to have attacked Ukraine to -among other things- prevent it from joining NATO, is increasingly displeased with the new additions. Russia sees Finland’s eventual entry into NATO as a threat to its security, said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dimitri Peskov. Asked if Finland’s accession to the Transatlantic Alliance is a threat to Moscow, Peskov replied: “Absolutely.” As for Russia’s possible reaction to this Helsinki initiative, the Kremlin spokesman indicated that everything will depend on what future alliance expansion and how close NATO’s military infrastructure is to Russia’s borders. “If you recall, there is a current instruction from the president to develop a list of measures to strengthen our western related to the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank, that is, NATO is getting closer to us,” Peskov said, quoted by the Russian agency Sputnik. “Finland has joined the unfriendly steps that have been taken in the EU towards our country,” Peskov proclaimed.

Hours before clamoring against Finland’s entry into NATO, Russia warned that the alliance’s behavior is leading to an increase in the risk of an open war. Moscow again plays the card of nuclear danger. This time the one who warns is the number two of the Russian National Security Council, Dimitri Medvedev, who was prime minister and is considered very close to Putin. Moscow is upset about the supply of weapons to Ukraine by NATO countries . Western support for training Ukrainian troops to use new Western equipment is well known. But Moscow also denounces the sending of mercenaries. And he regrets again the military maneuvers by the alliance near the Russian borders. All this, according to Medvedev, increases the probability of a direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia. In his Telegram account, the former Russian president warned that “such a conflict always carries the risk of becoming a nuclear war throughout rule”. “You better stop fooling yourself and others. Instead of choking on your saliva in the paroxysm of Russophobia, think about the possible consequences of your actions,” Medvedev urged from his channel.

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