Last Monday, the Police arrested Casey White in Indiana, the dangerous prisoner who had fled from the Alabama prison along with the deputy director of the prison, Vicky White, who died the day of the arrest after shooting herself before being detained.

It is believed that the couple had a romantic relationship and, according to media such as the BBC, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Dave Wedding, assured yesterday at a press conference that, if the couple had an escape plan, it was flawed.

After his arrest, Casey White was subjected to a long interrogation and told the investigators, according to this medium, that both he and Vicky White, who had been on the run for more than 10 days from justice, thought that “they had already driven enough”, they wanted to make a stop to think about the next place, but the people of the locality of Evansville discovered them.

It was last Wednesday when a worker at the municipal car wash informed the Police that a truck had been parked in his parking lot for days and, after analyzing the surveillance videos, Casey White could be seen. Days later, a cadillac in which they also used to move appeared in a motel parking lot and the former jailer could be seen in a wig. Finally, after days of surveillance, the police carried out a chase that ended with the vehicle in which they were both traveling colliding, which fell into a ditch.

Inside, according to the BBC, several weapons, wigs and $29,000 in cash were found and, according to Wedding, the “swift” police action “probably saved lives” since the investigation has discovered that the fugitive planned to “engage in a shootout with law enforcement.” Wedding assures that they have been able to learn these details after questioning Casey White.

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