The shortage is not only favored by the current high inflation rate and supply bottlenecks in the pandemic, above all a recall campaign by the manufacturer “Abbott” is exacerbating the situation in many US states. Two infants died and others were hospitalized with infections, suspected to have been caused by bacteria in products made at a Michigan factory.

Although “Abbott” plans to restart production as soon as possible, the delay before the actual sale is around six to eight weeks, according to reports from the news agency “Reuters”. According to the Washington Post, the company is now trying to import products from its factory in Ireland. But here, too, there are considerable delays before the sale.

The manufacturer “Abbott” is one of the largest suppliers for the so-called WIC agencies in the USA, which support mothers and their children with social benefits. According to media reports, about 1.2 million children are cared for through this connection.

According to the FDA, the competent authority is trying to do everything possible to provide for the parents and their children. For children with allergies, for example, they have set up individual care that can be ensured on individual request.

However, critics accuse the authority of reacting too slowly to the situation. Accordingly, there had already been whistleblower reports about the problems in the Michigan factory last fall.


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