It takes professionals to help Ukraine on the ground. The stern foundation therefore supports organizations that know exactly what is needed where. In this way, every cent of your donations is used sensibly.

The suffering of the people in the Ukraine moves more and more people and the Stern Foundation is overwhelmed by the helpfulness of the Germans! We have received numerous donations since the beginning of the war, so that we have already been able to pass on 700,000 euros to partner organizations.

Monetary donations are still the most meaningful way to alleviate the need in Ukraine, although many people prefer to make a personal contribution. However, the aid organizations ask you not to collect donations in kind on your own initiative and to set off in the direction of Ukraine with cars full of clothing, food or medicine and without coordination with the authorities or precise information. Well-intentioned but uncoordinated deliveries can hamper important transport and sorting capacities.

Here you can go directly to the Ukraine donation account of the stern foundation.

We have already been able to help these organizations

As always in major crises, catastrophes and in this case even war in Europe, quick action is particularly important. In the very first days of the war we launched emergency aid, and in the meantime we have been able to distribute further funds. That’s how it went so far

We are currently in the process of initiating further distributions. We also rely on the expertise of our reporters, who have known the conflict area for a long time. We pass on your donations without any deductions to organizations that help the refugees on site and in the neighboring countries. Only with your help can we help alleviate the suffering of the people in this war.–die-stiftung-stern-konnte-650-000-euro-fuer-die-menschen-in-und-aus-der-ukraine-ausschuetten-31693606.html?utm_campaign=alle-nachrichten&utm_medium=rss-feed&utm_source=standard


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