The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has identified a positive development in Germany with regard to the issue of arms deliveries to Ukraine – and emphasized the “pioneering role” of the federal government in the sanctions against Russia. “We see that the Federal Republic has currently taken on the pioneering role and is playing the first fiddle in Europe,” said Kuleba on Thursday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. He would not want to overestimate the “negative moments”. The government in Kyiv has also sharply criticized the federal government through its ambassador Andriy Melnyk in recent weeks, above all because of what it sees as being too hesitant on the question of supplying weapons to the Ukraine. A diplomatic affront was the Ukrainian government’s refusal to receive Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Kyiv. “It was a completely normal conversation between the two sides, in which things were called as they should be,” said Kuleba. “If we see delays, then we refer to it quite openly.” (AFP)

Repentance will be very difficult for Vladimir Putin now…nothing is impossible, I suppose, but I really can’t imagine how we can normalize relations with Putin now.


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