Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has announced the first war crimes trial against a Russian soldier.

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has announced the first war crimes trial against a Russian soldier. A 21-year-old Russian man is accused of killing a civilian who witnessed the theft from the window of a stolen car, according to a statement released Wednesday by the office of Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova.

After an attack on his convoy in northern Ukraine on February 28, the soldier reportedly wanted to flee with four comrades in the stolen car. The 62-year-old civilian was cycling near his home in the village of Chupakhivka. He wasn’t armed.

According to the prosecutor, 21-year-old Vadim Shishimarin shot the man on the orders of one of his comrades, who witnessed the theft. Shishimarin is in Ukrainian custody and faces a life sentence for war crimes and murder.

Prosecutors released a blurred photo of the suspect. She did not provide any information about the circumstances of his capture or the fate of the other four Russian soldiers. A date for the trial was not announced.

Attorney General Wenediktowa said on Wednesday evening in the ZDF “heute-journal” that her work was taking place under difficult conditions because her authorities were denied access to the contested areas. This is the case, for example, in the port city of Mariupol.

When asked what she could say about the forced deportation of Ukrainians, Venediktova said she and her team were investigating. “There are adults as well as children,” she said. However, the work here is also very difficult because she has no contact with the abductees, since their phones are often taken away from them.

The government in Kyiv and the US government hold Russia responsible for a number of war crimes in Ukraine, including in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.

At the request of Kiev, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is holding a special session on Thursday on the human rights situation in Ukraine. The United Nations General Assembly suspended Russia’s membership of the Human Rights Council in April over the Ukraine war. Immediately afterwards, Moscow announced its resignation from the body.


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