The Berlin administrative court has received two urgent applications against the continuation of compulsory corona testing in Berlin schools. One was received on Thursday, as court spokesman Stephan Groscurth confirmed to the Tagesspiegel, the other was a bit older. The school board will therefore make a joint decision on both applications “promptly”, but probably not before the middle of next week.

The controversial “Initiative Families”, which had fought against school closures and mask requirements during the corona pandemic, declared its support for the initiators of the applications on Thursday.

It is a “unique process to require children to first prove that they are virus-free in order to have access to their right to education enshrined in the Berlin constitution”.

The tests are “not harmless, they harm our children”. These were “far more likely to be infected outside of schools and daycare centers”. Lesson time and financial resources should be used for “damage limitation” after school closures.

At Berlin’s schools, students and all members of the school staff are currently required to test themselves for the corona virus twice a week. Anyone who refuses will not be allowed to attend class and will be considered absent without excuse.

When asked to comment on the urgent applications, a spokesman for the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family said: “The Federal Republic of Germany is a constitutional state. And that’s just as well.”


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