A blackout by Clueso, a song in Schona, blood-smeared Sackos, Lotte’s outburst of anger and tears, tears, tears – there was a lot going on in the third episode of “Sing meine Song”. The reason for all the excitement: the German-Turkish songwriter Elif, because her songs were the focus. “I don’t mince my words, I’m not afraid of the truth,” said the 29-year-old. This doesn’t just apply to their songs. Elif spoke openly and honestly about her family history and her sometimes rocky path on the show.

Elif’s parents are from Turkey, she grew up with three siblings in Berlin Moabit. At 13 she started playing the guitar. “It was always noisy at home. There was a lot of argument, everyone had different opinions. I was very rebellious and took refuge in music. It meant everything to me,” she said.

For a long time she led a kind of double life. “At home I was a different Elif than outside.” The “inside Elif” was the way her family wanted her to see it, the “outside Elif” much more rebellious and cosmopolitan. Shortly after signing her first record deal, Elif moved out, “because I really didn’t get along with my parents anymore,” she revealed to her comrades-in-arms.

In the meantime, she did not speak to her father at all because he had no understanding of her path in life. “Now I sit here and make my music, but for me it was a really difficult path because I didn’t have to break with my family and wanted to be an artist. Today I can say that I made it. Today we really love each other. But that was a really tough fight.”

From that time comes the song “Alles helal”, which Kelvin Jones took on. The song describes a conversation between Elif and her father. “That’s exactly my story,” Jones said. “I wasn’t brave enough to write this song.” Together with his mother, he wrote new lyrics in his native language, Shona. He addressed the message “Love me as I am” to his own father.

Clueso also wanted to present a new text he had written himself. He had chosen “take a running start”. The song is actually about a lost love, but Clueso rewrote it to his recently deceased grandfather. “I’ve been shaking since the beginning of the journey to perform this song,” he said as he walked onto the stage – and then promptly forgot the lyrics.

“I’m blacking out. Let’s do it again…” The second attempt worked: “Berlin, Paris, Athens, I’m driving alone, your death took my legs off,” he sang, and at the end with a trembling voice: “I’ll catch my middle at the battle on the cliff / still hear the sound of your voice”. Floor and Lotte cried and Elif was about to cry too. “It really touched me,” she admitted.

There was a lot of laughter when SDP performed: Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin covered the black humorous song “Mein Babe”, in which Elif sings about killing her ex – and put on blood-smeared sacks for it. Meanwhile, Lotte had a small outburst of anger: she had chosen “Only me”. “I listened to the song over and over because I can understand the pain of becoming possessive in a relationship,” she said, turning the song into a loud rock number. “My therapist said to me that I have a drawer full of anger and at some point I have to unpack it. That was a first attempt today. I think I’ll yell a little more soon!”

However, Johannes Oerding made the most moving appearance. “I’ve been following you for a long time,” he confessed to Elif. He saw her for the first time on his partner Ina Müller’s TV show, where she performed alone with the guitar. “That impressed me deeply.”

That’s why he only played Elif’s first single “Unter meine Haut” on the guitar and caused the big tears: first Elif’s tears rolled down, then Floor’s. Lotte, Dag and Vincent also fought. “Do you know why I’m so touched by this? It was my first song and I was so hoping it would be a hit,” Elif explained. “And I think the reason I persevere is because I keep telling myself, ‘It’s just the boring intro. I look at this young girl and think to myself what she has already experienced! And she goes on and stands there like a one. I’m definitely proud of her.”

And who ended up getting the protea for song of the night? Nobody! Elif broke the flower in two. “Fuck the rules. You were all awesome to me,” she exclaimed. “And guys: no matter what you do, no matter where we meet again – that was just the boring intro!”

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