In “Let’s Dance” show 10, the celebrity candidates of the RTL show fought for the semi-finals. While Janin Ullmann prevailed as the favourite, it wasn’t enough for one of her colleagues.

The finale of the 15th season of “Let’s Dance” will take place on May 20th. The candidates of the RTL dance show only have a few weeks to prepare for this big day. The requirements have already increased – a couple dance is no longer enough to convince the jury and the audience. Five celebrities fought today (May 6) for a place in the semi-finals and, in addition to a couple dance, each showed a trio dance with an additional professional dancer.

Cracking the result of 22 points is the goal of actress Sarah Mangione (31) and her dance partner Vadim Garbuzov (34) week after week. The fun the two have together in training had to find its way onto the dance floor today because they showed a Charleston! He should be fast, funny and creative. The jury praised the couple for the successful start of the show. Despite hard work, there were 22 points – again. “It’s fascinating,” Sarah said, clearly disappointed.

Amira Pocher (29) and Massimo Sinató (41) made a particularly emotional appearance last week, which even caused tears in Amira’s husband Oliver Pocher (44). There were 30 points for the performance. Today the pair performed a fiery Paso Doble and received a standing ovation from the studio audience. “The tension between you was right. Something happened last week and I’m glad you’re coming back stronger than ever. Amira wants to keep dancing,” enthused Motsi Mabuse (41). 28 points!

René Casselly (25) and Kathrin Menzinger (33) jive danced to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” today and were acclaimed for their performance – although not everything went smoothly. The circus artist was a favorite from the start of the season. However, Jorge González (54) keeps reminding us that a lot of action is not enough. He was missing the character of the dance and some basic steps. “You take risks, and you always get points from me for that,” said Motsi. “I found the number very cool, but just before the final number happened, the pace was out of the body,” explained Joachim Llambi (57) and announced that he would also have to evaluate the mistakes. The result: 23 points.

Mathias Mester (35) and Renata Lusin (34) showed a tango to “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes today. “We really went for it this week, I almost didn’t recognize Matze,” said the dancer before the performance. “None of you two danced. Finally a nice show where we don’t panic,” said Motsi and was happy with the dancing couple. “We’re moving in the right direction, at the right time.” Joachim Llambi praised the aggressiveness that is so important in tango, but criticized the attitude. The jury awarded 26 points.

Janin Ullmann (40) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34) showed a slow fox to “Call Me” by Blondie. The presenter has often scored a perfect 30 points in recent weeks and, alongside René Casselly, is considered a favorite for the title “Dancing Star 2022”. With her performance she came one step closer to the dream of the final. “What are you doing here every week?” enthused Daniel Hartwich (43). Every detail seemed to fit! “No discussion!” Motsi said and her colleagues agreed. “That was the highlight so far tonight,” said Joachim Llambi. So it wasn’t a big surprise when Janin Ullmann was overjoyed to receive 30 points.

In the second round, the aim was to collect as many additional points as possible in order to ensure progress. Sarah and Vadim danced a rumba together with “Let’s Dance” professional Malika Dzumaev (31). “Take off my clothes,” joked Motsi, she liked the hot performance so much. “For a few moments with Sarah, I thought, who is this woman now? You wouldn’t have dared to do that a few weeks ago,” she praised. “It was much stronger than the Charleston,” said Joachim Llambi. Finally Sarah got more than 22 points – 25!

Amira and Massimo danced the samba to Ricky Martin’s “Shake your Bon Bon”. They received support from Andrzej Cibis (34) in their trio dance. “I liked your expression, you enjoyed the dance. You were very strong in your solo part, but I would have wished for a little more gas,” said Jorge González. There were 23 points.

René and Kathrin danced together with Valentin Lusin (35) Slowfox to “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra. Not an easy task, but the trio dance was much better than the couple dance – including a spectacular lifting figure. “We just said that we are happy with little things,” said Joachim Llambi. “You should always dance ballroom like this. And this quality should also come into the Latin dances. You were three or even five grades better than just now. You don’t have to do any frills to be good.” René Casselly was able to celebrate 30 points.

Mathias and Renata also danced a trio samba, they were reinforced by Christina Luft (32). Could they top Amira’s 23 points? The best trio samba so far was GZSZ star Valentina Pahde (27) last season, she got 26 points. “You have a very strong day today. You’ve always had a great rhythm,” said Motsi, praising Mathias’ energy. The result: 27 points, a new record!

To crown it all, Janin and Zsolt showed a tango to “Für Elise” with Evgeny Vinokurov (31). “What happened to you on ‘Let’s Dance’ is tremendous. Every part of your body felt the music, you dominated this dance so much. So sexy, so great,” gushed Jorge. Motsi even called the performance “the highlight of the season”. And this achievement should be rewarded – with 30 points!

Janin Ullmann didn’t have to worry about not reaching the semifinals today. The 40-year-old was in first place according to jury points and is also very popular with the viewers. So far she has never had to worry about getting ahead. On the other hand, things looked worse for Sarah and Mathias in the back places.

The jury and viewers decided together: Sarah Mangione has to leave “Let’s Dance”. So Amira Pocher, Mathias Mester, René Casselly and Janin Ullmann are in the semi-finals.

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