1.- The Government learned that Aragonès was being spied on for “coordinating” the CDRs

The CNI notified the Executive in 2019, “as always”, that the ERC leader was being heard and explained how the Supreme Court judge had been justified

2.- Buried on the front line: “Putin wants to demolish Severodonetsk at ground level”

The fighting and the incessant shelling put at risk the evacuation of thousands of people in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, who spend most of the day underground and in the dark. Hundreds of them have established a unique community in an atomic bunker

3.- The best Spanish universities grade by grade

The 21st edition of 50 CARRERAS collects the 50 most popular degrees among students and the five best universities where to study them. The classification is the result of a detailed analysis of 25 criteria, the opinion of 2,000 teachers and other external studies (international rankings, ANECA reports, etc.)

4.- Banks predict more expensive fixed mortgages due to the advance of the Euribor and the rise in interest rates

The rising cost of money leads many buyers to doubt whether it is time to go for credit and, if so, whether it is better to opt for the variable rate or the fixed rate

5.- What does the Swiss system that will organize the Champions League in 2024 consist of?

Designed in the 19th century for chess tournaments, it will be used to elucidate the eight duels of the initial league with which the tournament will start

5.- A chilling homoerotic duet, Italy’s trick to continue reigning in Eurovision

That a country won Eurovision twice in a row is complicated, but it cannot be ruled out that it will happen on Saturday thanks to Mahmood and Blanco

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