1.- Sánchez’s aggressiveness puts the state pacts with the PP at risk: “How many more insults do we have to put up with?”

In the PP there is discomfort after Sánchez described them as “mugs”, but the PSOE trusts that the ‘popular’ will help them save the National Security Law

2.- The ‘counteroffensive of the bite’ manages to liberate Kharkov

Ukraine scores the second major victory of the invasion by wearing down the Russians with small attacks and driving them north

3.- The son of María Sevilla, from Infancia Libre: “My mother scares me”

While the Prosecutor’s Office asks for her pardon, her son, whom she kidnapped, rejects her and deplores the woman’s rosary of accusations against her father: “She wants to hurt her and doesn’t realize she’s doing it to me”

4.- The great innovation scam: why we really don’t like creative people

Although the dominant discourse admires groundbreaking people, humans feel rejection when someone proposes radical changes. Science begins to reveal this paradox: “These people have a very bad time. By their very nature, they do not fit a label. They are disturbing. They are scary”

5. Danonino sales drop condemns Asturias factory and Danone moves production to France: “It’s a stab”

The Government of the Principality criticizes the decision as “lack of respect” as there has been no prior communication with the regional Executive nor with the works council

6.- Running 100 kilometers without colon or stomach: “I’m never hungry”

Juan Dual completes multiple trail runs with minimal digestive tract. “My body doesn’t hold any food, and maybe endurance isn’t the best, but I like it.”

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