According to Zelenskyj, the last Ukrainian defenders in Azovstal face a difficult fate. Ukrainian soldiers will be trained in Germany from Wednesday. Meanwhile, a new billion-euro aid package is being put together in the United States. Below is an overview of what happened during the night and an outlook for the day.

military situation

According to the will of the Russian besiegers, the Ukrainian soldiers trapped in the Mariupol steelworks are not allowed to leave the premises. The Russian military has rejected any proposal for the unhindered withdrawal of the besieged fighters from the Azovstal plant, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, according to Ukrajinska Pravda on Tuesday. “The defenders of Mariupol remain there, they continue resistance on the territory of Azovstal,” Zelenskyy said. About 100 civilians are said to be in the plant.

At least one person was killed and eight others injured in new Russian attacks near the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia on Tuesday evening. According to the regional administration, mainly residential buildings in Orekhovo were hit, Ukrajinska Pravda reported. Because of the intensity of the shelling, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the town was temporarily interrupted. The information could not be independently verified.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said in his daily video address on Tuesday evening: “I am grateful to all our protectors who are defending themselves and showing really superhuman strength to drive out the invaders’ army.” World”. Despite further successes on various fronts, Zelenskyy did not want to allow euphoria and “excessive emotions” to arise. The Ukrainian President referred to success reports from his general staff, which reported on land gains in the vicinity of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. According to the Ukrainian military, several towns were recaptured. The information could not initially be verified independently.

Political Developments

The House of Representatives in Washington has approved an aid package for Ukraine requested by US President Joe Biden by billions of dollars and passed it by a large majority. The package is worth almost $40 billion (€38 billion). The Senate still has to approve it. Biden had asked Congress for $33 billion. In the package that has now been increased, around half of the total sum goes to defense.

Soldiers from the Ukraine will be trained on the Panzerhaubitze 2000 in Germany from Wednesday. The future crews of the weapon system and technical specialists are to be instructed in training at the Bundeswehr Artillery School in Idar-Oberstein.

According to the Secretary General of the human rights organization Amnesty International, the Russian leadership around President Vladimir Putin has a “hatred” against all Ukrainians. “There are statements, comments and appearances by Putin and other Russian leaders that show how they ignore and hate the Ukrainian people, in which they talk as if Ukraine does not exist,” Agnès Callamard said on Ukrainian television on Tuesday. “And it is precisely these statements that we will use as part of the evidence when we discuss the issue of genocide.”

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