What do you do when you are well on your way to becoming champions of the 2nd regional league and making it up the ladder, but the season is then canceled and set to zero due to the corona pandemic?

You just repeat the whole thing again a season later.

The basketball players of the Red Hawks Potsdam, coached by Lars Bothe, managed this feat, and how. As early as mid-February, the Potsdam team could no longer be caught by the competition and were already crowned champions of the 2nd regional league three games before the end, which was linked to promotion to the 1st regional league.

“Of course it’s always a nice feeling when you work towards it all year long, stay at the top for a long time and then get rewarded so early on,” says Marketing Director Robert Schünemann.

Above all, it should have been a nice feeling because you had already aimed for this rise in the previous season, but then Corona stopped it. According to Schünemann, it was not an easy situation for the young club, which was only founded in 2019: “It was really bitter for us. We were also first in the table, worked hard for it and then it was said that the season would simply be frozen”.

However, the Red Hawks did not let this stop them and confidently secured the championship title in the 2nd regional league after just three years of existence as a club. When it was founded, the basketball club benefited above all from the fact that Babelsberg 03 realigned its focus away from basketball and even more towards football.

Schünemann, who saw great potential for a new club in Potsdam, was able to convince some ambitious players of his concept, which ultimately made him spot on. “In our first season, other teams asked themselves which league we were from, since we already had 200 to 300 people in our hall, which was unusual for the state league,” explains Schünemann.

So the Red Hawks are very successful from a young age and continue to have high ambitions. You might think that the first goal after promotion is to stay up and establish themselves in the higher division, but that’s not enough for the Potsdam club.

“We know that the 1st regional league is a bit harder than what we have done now. But you never know, if we have a good squad and few injuries, then we can do it and then we definitely want to end up in the playoffs,” says Schüneman.

The Chief Marketing Officer thinks ahead and has concrete plans for the future. The first team should play in the ProB, Germany’s third-highest league, in the long term. The marketing expert relies above all on a good youth department and this work pays off.

The young club was initially smiled at and not really taken seriously, but more and more people are now being drawn to the Hawks, such as Mayor Maik Schubert or players from Alba Berlin who are curious about the newcomer to competitive sports.

Therefore, the Potsdam club has been toying with the idea of ​​going to the MBS Arena, which holds 2,000 people, for the coming season. “We’ll probably pick three four highlight games where we expect a lot of visitors to see how that’s received before we make the final decision to go in there.”

In addition to possible logistical changes, the squad will also change fundamentally in the summer. This is partly due to the fact that the Red Hawks have worked primarily with students from the University of Potsdam in the past, who can no longer afford the additional time that the 1st regional league entails and partly because of the significantly higher level of the new one league.

Supporters of the team like Dennis Teucher, Tim Decker or Colin Graven, who were the top scorers of the RedHawks last season, will stay with us.

After the first team was allowed to recover a bit in April, training has been up and running again since the beginning of May. So-called “try outs” will take place until the end of the month, in which players can recommend themselves for the first squad, because the Potsdam club is still looking for young talents.

From June, however, the final squad should be set in order to have a powerful squad together for the coming season, which starts in September, that is able to put the ambitious goals into practice



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