Sun in Berlin? Well, then a tip: the Jungfernheide lido has been open since the weekend. The small, fine outdoor pool with gastro (cake, pizza, Pils, Aperol ff.), clean sand, a long bathing jetty and a really beautiful and historically interesting facility is located in Charlottenburg, right on the border to Berlin-Siemensstadt (Spandau). Admission 8 euros per day, 10 euros on weekends.

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“Have a vacation in Berlin” is the motto. The outdoor pool is currently open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The price per volleyball court is 5 euros per hour, a stand-up paddle costs 10 euros per hour. And if you want to rent the water ski facility exclusively, you have to pay 100 euros.

And if you like, you can take a lap around the pond to the beautiful water tower on the Jungfernheide right next to the high ropes course. There are huge trees in the forest, the beer garden is now open again, Tuesday-Thursday from 12pm-7pm and Friday-Sunday from 12pm-8pm. And the view is absolutely magical.

The large outdoor pool on Gatower Straße has also opened in Spandau, although this week the indoor season finally ends for normal swimmers. The outdoor pool in West-Staaken opens later (and closes very early again this year): You can find all the information for Spandau here in the Tagesspiegel from me.

[Speaking of swimming: This is how it will be in 2022 with the Berlin million dollar project: the new water polo arena in Spandau. Now the district and the bathing establishments are talking about plans, newspaper advertisements – and money for the outdoor pool in the daily mirror for Spandau].

By the way: French fries are becoming a luxury item in Berlin’s outdoor pools: because of the war in Ukraine, sunflower oil is in short supply. Snack bar operators have already increased the prices for fries. Here is the Tagesspiegel text.

And here are some of the topics that you will find in the current Spandau newsletter. Have fun reading!

– Kita-Atlas: Family city councilor speaks in the newsletter about the specific situation in Spandau

– Dogs, ponies, plush unicorn: animal service in Staaken

– Cold War in Moscow: Vladimir Kaminer speaks at the Gatow Air Force Museum

– Music, cinema, theatre: This is how the Jewish theater ship starts its operations

[Straw hat, lakes and evening drinks: Where to best enjoy the Berlin spring heat – tips from the Tagesspiegel from Spandau to Pankow]

– Open-air season 2022: Stadtfest boss talks in the newsletter about the Pentecost festival on the Scharfen Lanke, about music on the Maselake, about the wine summer in the old town and the new ice rink in the citadel

– Will the Staaken Center get a new citizens’ office in 2023? And when do the branch offices in Kladow and Falkenhagener Feld open?

– Best-of construction site for the Siemensbahn: what color the viaduct will get and what the S-Bahn stations should be called

– Scharfe Lanke: The opening date has been set – all information in the newsletter

– Seniors’ representation: We are on Facebook

– “Girls Day with the Havel brothers”: neighborhood sports from the Hakenfelde stadium to the Eiswerder island and Sportfreunde Kladow

– Cruise Terminal: by boat from Spandau to Amsterdam and the Baltic Sea

–  Newsletter readers report on Post problems from Kladow to Hakenfelde

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