The New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) has announced that it will not join the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) with LFI, the PS, EELV and the PCF for the June legislative elections, considering that it cannot sign “such a agreement including the Socialist Party”.

“We could have reached an agreement with the Popular Union, the PCF, and even EELV, but we cannot validate such an agreement including the Socialist Party and on the basis of the proposals that have been made to us”, announced the party in a statement.

The NPA, which considered it “important to participate in this dynamic of union”, referred to discussions which enabled it to reach agreements on some of its measures, but regretted that “as discussions with the other political forces, the political balance of the coalition changed gradually, attenuating the nature of the break with liberal policies which was its strength”.

He described the agreement reached with the PS as “problematic”, deploring that with “these PS candidacies, the numerous candidacies of EELV which do not represent a break with liberalism, the mark of this left, which governed in numerous revivals against the working classes and today leads a good number of cities or regions, becomes significant”.

Another point of tension, the press release affirms that at no time was a constituency proposed by the Popular Union allowing the election of Philippe Poutou, nor even his candidacy in Gironde, while “many left-wing activists hoped to see Philippe Poutou at the meeting”.

For the legislative elections, the party has announced that it will support “the left-wing candidates breaking from the Nupes”, against which it will not present candidates. “In other constituencies, where the conditions are met, the NPA will seek, faced with candidates labeled Nupes embodying continuity with social-liberalism, to make an alternative heard”.

The NPA will organize its participation in the legislative elections during a National Political Council on May 14.

06/05/2022 10:29:21 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP


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