Like the Tucson, the latest generation of Ford’s Escape is slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. Although the roof line has been lowered, the Escape makes sure to free up as much living space as possible, especially for the rear seats, where the bench seat can slide a few centimeters. The interior presentation of this vehicle is, on the other hand, austere. The Sportage is in this respect more modern and more rewarding. On the road, the behavior is surprisingly neutral and the handling of the Escape enchants even more than that of the Sportage. The Escape is a lot of fun to drive, but the supercharged three-cylinder engine disappoints the driver. The 2L is preferable, but we prefer the plug-in hybrid version to the hybrid version, even if it only has two-wheel drive…

According to data compiled by automakers, Forester buyers are currently among the oldest in the class. To rejuvenate its clientele, Subaru multiplies the variants and openly targets leisure enthusiasts (Wilderness version, our photo). To do this, the brand with the constellation of stars relies on the efficiency of its constant-mesh all-wheel drive. This gives it remarkable traction at the price, it must be said, of consumption as high as that of the Sportage. Also, despite the careful construction quality, the Forester is not as rewarding as the Sportage and, unfortunately, does not have any hybrid versions.

Volkswagen doesn’t flaunt it, but the Tiguan’s cabin has a third row of seats on board. This is one of the optional features, starting with the Comfortline version. These additional seats are, unsurprisingly, intended for young children or for breakdown assistance. Compared to the Sportage, the engine of the Tiguan is much more expressive and flexible. Its gearbox shows, for its part, a nice smoothness and is perfectly staged. But where this Volkswagen loses the most is on the question of refinement, the quality of the presentation and the absence of hybrid engines. This German utility is getting an upgrade for 2022 (our photo), but the changes mainly affect aesthetics and connectivity.


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