“Some users received their pre-filled 2021 tax return in paper format significantly later than in previous years”, explains Bercy, specifying that this “concerns a little less than 5% of the users receiving these declarations”.

Since 2019, households that can do so have been required to declare their income online, but those whose main residence is not connected to the internet or who are unable to do so because they are too old or disabled, can still complete a paper declaration.

For almost all taxpayers, therefore, who complete their tax return online, the initial schedule is maintained. They must validate it between May 24 and June 8 depending on their department of residence.

This is the second incident in this tax filing campaign. The day after it opened, errors in the pre-filling of certain declarations by public officials led the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP) to suspend the online declaration service for three days.

About 1 million public officials had noticed a discrepancy between their real income and that pre-filled on their declaration, following a problem of taking into account the overtime hours they had worked in 2021.



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