A man from Strömthal in Saxony is sentenced to 42 months in prison for manslaughter. The 66-year-old had killed his terminally ill wife with 14 knife wounds after 35 years of marriage because she had complained that bread with jam was too crispy.

Klaus-Peter S. from Strömthal near Leipzig killed his terminally ill wife Gertrud with 14 knife wounds last autumn. The reason: she had complained about a jam roll that was too hard. The accused confessed to the crime.

Now the 66-year-old has been sentenced before the district court. However, not for murder, but for manslaughter in a less serious case.

In his reasoning, Richter explained: “We had to deal with the deadly end of a marriage (…) in which the woman was the dominant one and degraded S..” The locksmith was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

S. was a quiet person. Nobody can explain his actions after 30 years of marriage. An expert had certified that the accused was overwhelmed with the care of the bedridden woman in the process. In his testimony before the court, he himself stated that he had not acted out of anger, but out of desperation.



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