Real Madrid will hold a draw this Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. before a notary to determine the members who will be able to access tickets for the Champions League final on May 28 against Liverpool at the Stade de France, after This Tuesday the deadline for requesting them closed and more requests were registered than available locations.

After the deadline, 59,622 members have requested tickets, grouped into 18,848 requests. The draw will be held from 12:30 pm at Real Madrid City and can be followed live on Realmadrid TV.

The result will be announced through and the online Member Service Office. In any case, Real Madrid will contact the winners to indicate the date of collection of the tickets.

The tickets will be nominative and may only be used by the winning partners, their transfer or sale to third parties being prohibited. To do this, exhaustive controls will be carried out on delivery and access to the stadium.

In addition, Real Madrid reserves the possibility of delivering an undetermined number of seats to destination. Both the final pick-up time at the destination and the collection point are pending final confirmation.

In total, the white club will have 19,618 seats with regular capacity, with prices ranging from 55 to 690 euros. Of these, it will assign 15,895 seats to the Social Area (81%): 14,547 seats for members by lottery, 200 for the 100 oldest members, 148 for members with reduced mobility and 1,000 for national and international supporters clubs.

Of the remaining 3,723 seats (19%), 1,050 will be for the components of the first team (players, technicians, doctors, etc); 255 for the Board of Directors (15 per director); 150 for veteran soccer and basketball players; 300 for the women’s and youth soccer sections; 100 for the basketball section; 450 for sponsors and sponsors of the club; 100 for the Real Madrid Foundation; 200 for the VIP Area; 100 for General Management; 800 for club employees according to the Agreement; and 218 for Protocol and Institutional Relations.

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