The Ministry of the Interior has reported that it will be able to broadcast urgent messages on outdoor advertising media to request citizen collaboration in those cases of police investigation that require it, such as cases of alerts triggered by the disappearance of people.

According to the Ministry of the Interior in a statement, this objective comes from the agreement signed this Monday at the department’s headquarters between the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael PĂ©rez, and the advertising companies Ipunto, Clear Channel, Exterion, Redext and Gran Screen.

Said agreement is especially aimed at “the dissemination of alerts triggered by the disappearance of people, cases in which the request for citizen collaboration is already habitually resorted to through the media and social networks,” Interior underlined.

Said messages will be prepared by the Secretary of State for Security, and that their contents will include information “for the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal offences, including protection and prevention against threats against public security.”

Likewise, it has been detailed that the text will incorporate the telephone number or numbers for receiving citizen collaboration calls and, when necessary, an email address or any other channel opened specifically for the occasion.

The agreement provides that the information disseminated includes the date, time and place where the event occurred; name, age and sex of the person; an updated photograph; the physical description of the disappeared person and the clothing he was wearing when he was last seen; health data and specific medication that is being administered; and characteristics of the vehicle, when there is proof of its use.

Likewise, it has been determined that it will be valid for three years, renewable and that said agreement “does not entail any economic consideration for any of the parties.”

For their part, the advertising companies will freely cede the spaces destined for the dissemination of information and the dissemination of messages, which will not generate any expense for the Ministry of the Interior.

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