The court of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Betanzos has sent a letter to the City Council of Bergondo this Monday to alert the residents of San Paio to avoid eating the tuber Oenanthe SPP (X 49 CIE 10), known as ” the devil’s turnip” due to the recent death of a person, municipal sources report.

In December, a 37-year-old Colombian man, a resident of Sampaio, in the parish of Guísamo, died from the consumption of this tuber.

It was a neighbor of the place who gave the alert after not seeing the man for a long time and knocking on his door and getting no response.

The plant is common in Galicia, at altitudes below 1,000 meters, and, according to Botany professor Javier Cremades, “in humid areas. It is a very large plant, similar to celery and has a yellow tuber that is poisonous”.

The residents of Galicia know the poisonous characteristics of this tuber that causes epilepsy with convulsions and directly affects the brain.

The tuber has a taste similar to celery, so when consumed it does not seem that it is poisoning itself. The patients end up dying by drowning, being conscious at all times.

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