The new director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), Esperanza Casteleiro, speaks of a new stage in the center. “In the face of threats to our country, a new orientation is opened, with maximum transparency and high technological training, to ensure communications for the whole of society,” assured the new head of intelligence services.

Casteleiro, in the presence of his predecessor, Paz Esteban, whom he thanked for her “dedication and work” in the center, had a memory with the members of the CNI “who fell in the act of service.” She thanked Defense Minister Margarita Robles for her appointment: “She has been the best teacher in a period of arduous and exciting work.” “I return to the center where I have given most of my life. And if I were to be born again, I would repeat this adventure.”

For his part, Robles assured that the changes in Defense are part of “continuity.” “This act does not present anything new, the continuation of the same people,” he said. And he defended the “unequivocal commitment to technology in the face of new threats, which are many, that those who attack Spain are going to enter with the men of the CNI and the State security forces. We are going to win all the battles of the Spanish “, concluded the minister.

Esperanza Casteleiro has taken office as the new head of the CNI before the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the high command of the service who will now be her subordinates. The dismissed director Paz Esteban has also been present at her replacement.

Casteleiro lands at the CNI, where she has been linked for almost 40 years, to replace Paz Esteban, the only victim of the so-called Pegasus case after the nationalists put pressure on the Government to “cut off heads”. From the partners of the Government, Podemos, political responsibilities were also demanded for this case. And her objective was twofold, the director of the CNI and the Minister of Defense.

The new Secretary of State for Defense, Amparo Varcarce, who until now held the Ministry’s undersecretary’s office, has also taken office. Adoración Mateos Tejada took office as the new Undersecretary. She was the general director of Personnel of the ministry.

The dismissal of Paz Esteban caused a powerful malaise in the ranks of the intelligence services. They considered that it was a complete disavowal of his work and that this cast doubt on his actions in listening to the independentistas.

Paz Esteban appeared in Congress, in the secret commission of reserved expenses, to explain the investigations into the independentist world and show the judicial authorizations of his listeners. Among those investigated, the president of the Generalitat Pere Aragonès.

Esperanza Casteleiro was the right hand of Margarita Robles in the ministry, occupying the Secretary of State for Defense.

Following Paz Esteban’s dismissal from the Council of Ministers, Minister Margarita Robles thanked him for his work as head of the CNI and, in particular, for his strict compliance with the law, as well as his dedication to an organization to which he has dedicated forty years of his life. The minister – who said that it was a substitution and not a dismissal – avoided linking Esteban’s departure with the wiretapping of the nationalists or with the security failures on the cell phones of Pedro Sánchez, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and himself of Oaks.

But the President of the Government, during the control session, did establish a relationship between Esteban’s departure and the security gaps in the Government’s communications.

During the act, Margarita reiterated her defense of the intelligence services. “We have intelligence services made up of 3,000 men and women, responsible, hard-working, generous professionals, who put their lives at risk to work for freedom, security and human rights in Spain and in the world.”

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