Christine Lambrecht is currently causing a stir with an Easter trip. The Minister of Defense flew to Sylt with her son Alexander – in a government helicopter. A media report now reveals new details about the case.

The Easter vacation of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) on Sylt threatens to have a political aftermath: According to a report from “Business Insider”, Lambrecht’s son traveled with a government helicopter on vacation. This shows a photo on the son’s public Instagram profile.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defense told FOCUS Online that the flight took place in accordance with the guidelines for the use of aircraft, which regulate who may and may not request one. “The Federal Minister of Defense is entitled to make requests if the trip takes place in an official capacity. And she also decides who flies with her,” said the BMVg spokesman.

With regard to the question of costs for the flight, the Federal Ministry of Defense emphasizes that in the present case this was regulated very clearly from the beginning. “The costs had to be borne 100 percent by the minister or the accompanying person and were settled in advance of the flight. Both the boarding and the reimbursement of costs took place in accordance with the guidelines for the use of aircraft of the flight service.”

But on Tuesday, the ministry suddenly backtracked: “The cost statement is currently being prepared. This is an administrative process that will probably take some time. Therefore, no information can be given about the amount of the costs incurred,” the ministry told the ” Bild” newspaper.

Now other spicy details have become known: When the newspaper “Welt” asked the Ministry of Defense for a statement on Sunday, an unofficial note followed that Lambrecht, who is a qualified lawyer, would reserve the right to take legal action against possible reporting on the subject. The official statement from her spokesman came on Monday. The flight was “in full compliance with the guidelines for the use of aircraft of the BMVg flight readiness”. Lambrecht may decide who flies, the spokesman for FOCUS Online.

On the Instagram photo, the 21-year-old was buckled in the Cougar government helicopter (cost per flight hour: 5300 euros). Alexander Lambrecht, who often accompanies his mother to public appearances, posted the photo of himself in the dressing room on April 15. Below the comment “Happy Easter”.

The facade of the Ministry of Defense in Berlin can be seen in the background. On this day his mother was already in Schleswig-Holstein. On April 14, she was a guest at Battalion Electronic Warfare 911 in Stadum and Bramstedtlund. According to information from “Business Insider” from Bundeswehr circles, she drove from there to Sylt together with bodyguards from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

So was your son flown in on vacation by the flight crew on April 15th? The ministry says that Alexander Lambrecht accompanied his mother to Stadum and Bramstedtlund on April 14. He was not present at the actual visit to the troops. An official request to the Ministry of Defense was still unanswered on Monday afternoon.

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Surf tip: SPD problem – Christine Lambrecht: What you should know about the defense minister

The Union faction has accused Lambrecht of a political error. “Using the Bundeswehr for private and party-political purposes is unstylish,” said the first parliamentary manager of the Union faction, Thorsten Frei (CDU), of the “Bild” newspaper. “As the holder of command and command authority, the Minister of Defense should show more tact and not confuse the Air Force with Lufthansa.”

The CDU member of the Bundestag Serap Güler, who is a member of the defense committee, also sharply criticized Lambrecht. “Either the woman lacks good political advice or instinct,” Güler told the editorial network Germany (RND, Tuesday). “Right now, unfortunately, it looks like there’s a lack of both.”

As Minister of Justice, such behavior was relatively unproblematic because Lambrecht “wasn’t that much of a focus,” added the CDU politician. “As Minister of Defense it’s different again.” The process must be fully clarified

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