After the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein, Prime Minister Daniel Günther wants to forge a new coalition with the Greens and the FDP – although for his CDU it would be enough for a two-party alliance. He wants to continue the success story of the past five years, said Günther, who was hailed as the election winner, on Wednesday evening in Kiel at a small party conference of the state CDU. For this he received clear backing from the 75 delegates: they applauded for a long time; there was no discussion.

Günther wants to hold exploratory talks next Tuesday, first with the Greens and then with the FDP. The 48-year-old said he wanted to at least explore the possibility of a Jamaican re-run.

In the election on Sunday, his Christian Democrats were by far the strongest with 43.4 percent. The Greens rose to 18.3 percent, while the FDP fell to 6.4 percent. The SPD fell to a record low of 16.0 percent.

With these results, the CDU would have secure majorities for two-party alliances with the Greens, FDP or the SSW (5.7 percent), theoretically also with the SPD. In the state parliament, the CDU has 34 seats, the Greens 14, the SPD 12, the FDP 5 and the SSW 4. 35 votes mean the majority. The Greens and FDP initially rejected Günther’s renewed offer to Jamaica, but then said they were willing to talk.

With regard to his course, Günther referred to the successful work of the Jamaican government over the past five years, to the great support of the voters for this coalition and the magnitude of the tasks ahead. “For me, climate targets are not negotiable at all in a coalition.”

Rapid further construction of Autobahn 20 is also non-negotiable. Günther said Schleswig-Holstein is also the only state in which it has been possible to keep the political fringes out of parliament. Neither AfD nor Die Linke got into the state parliament.

Günther said at the small party conference that a clear course had also succeeded in asserting strong CDU positions in the three-way alliance with the Greens and the FDP. The widespread satisfaction with the Jamaican government is one of the reasons for the electoral success of the CDU. And the good cooperation in the coalition was a reason for voter satisfaction.

The people also liked the fact that the coalition partners had treated each other to success. According to his impression, there is an extremely broad majority for this constellation. It is the preferred coalition among the population.

He knows, of course, that there are arguments against it. Günther did not receive any objection at the event: there was no discussion; after 50 minutes the small party congress was over.

FDP Federal Vice Wolfgang Kubicki had also campaigned for a new edition of the Jamaica coalition. “Daniel Günther’s idea of ​​continuing Jamaica is charming,” said the ex-head of the state parliamentary group in the “Kieler Nachrichten” (Wednesday). The Liberals are expressly ready to do so. “We have always stated that if we are not needed, we will not participate. But when in doubt, the Greens are needed just as much or as little as we are.”


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