(Quebec) Faced with the breakdown of services noted in school transportation in Quebec, the Parti Québécois (PQ) is proposing to increase the bonuses granted to bus drivers and to increase the overall envelopes granted by the Ministry of Education for service providers, especially to deal with the recent explosion in fuel prices.

The MP for Joliette and Parti Québécois spokesperson for Education, Véronique Hivon, says that more and more bus routes are being canceled for lack of resources, often for several weeks in a row.

In Lanaudière, since September, for the Samares school service center alone, between 2,000 and 3,000 routes have been canceled, including 13 routes only on Wednesday of this week, according to what the MP for Joliette reports. Consequently, children do not go to school and parents miss work, even if the transport service is provided for in the Public Education Act, she recalls.

Véronique Hivon claims that the bonuses granted to bus drivers are so insufficient that they contribute to creating a labor shortage. And she recalls that the global envelopes given to school service centers by the Ministry of Education to provide the service are currently the subject of negotiations for the next school year, but that at the moment they are largely insufficient.

The MNA is also asking the Government of Quebec to provide financial compensation, without delay, to families who have experienced service disruptions over the past year and who have had to find alternative solutions.



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