Summer will make itself felt over Germany in the coming days. Temperatures are rising – as are prices. In the ice cream parlor, in the beer garden and at spring festivals, families have to reckon with price surcharges. FOCUS Online says where you have to pay how much and how you can save.

There’s summer in the air.

Temperatures will climb to 27 degrees over the next few days. This attracts people to the outdoor pool, to the ice cream parlor, to the beer garden or to spring festivals. But you have to reckon with price surcharges there.

Inflation does not stop at the summer weather.

Consumers have to reckon with entrance fees of four to 10 euros for the outdoor pool. Most companies have raised tickets by up to two euros within a year.

On top of that. They also have to pay more for food and drinks.

French fries red and white cost well over three euros. Consumers also have to pay well over two euros for the bratwurst in a bun. When it comes to drinks, coffee, beer, cola and even mineral water have become more expensive. Wholesalers had increased their prices by ten percent at the end of April – the operators pass on the additional expenses to guests.

A family of three has to reckon with prices of over 40 euros for a visit to the outdoor pool for admission, food and drinks. It is cheaper if you bring snacks and drinks from home. But this is not allowed everywhere.

Visitors to spring festivals must also expect additional costs. Showmen have to reckon with higher operating and personnel costs.

The ride on the children’s carousel costs between two and four euros, two chip coins for the car parade are available from eight euros. Cotton candy for over four euros, the chocolate banana costs from three euros and upwards and a glass of beer in the serving areas between five and ten euros. The beer is only more expensive in the tents. There, prices are called from eight euros upwards. In Munich there was a beer for a whopping 12 euros.

A family of four quickly loses 50 euros. For a few carousel rides, cotton candy, car parade, drinks and ice cream. If you want to eat something else at the spring festival, it even costs more than 100 euros in many places.

It is also becoming more expensive in the ice cream parlor due to rising energy, food and personnel costs. Spaghetti ice cream is available for a good eight euros, the sundae for over ten and the scoop from 1.80 euros. Vegan or special types of ice cream even cost 2.10 euros per scoop. Ice cream has never been so expensive!

Giving up is not a good idea.

In view of the rising prices, families should use their own garden, park or other green open space. A picnic with cool drinks and homemade snacks can keep costs down. With a full stomach you can then go to the Spring Festival to do a few laps on the carousel.

In many parking areas or playgrounds, parents can also fire up the disposable grill while the children play in the sandbox.

If a visit to the outdoor pool is too expensive for you, you should look around for lakes, streams or rivers in the vicinity. Isn’t that an option? Many cities have fountains. In your own garden, a small paddling pool or a garden shower can cool you down.

Parents should expect to spend between 20 and 50 euros for the purchase. Depending on the consumer, bathing fun in your own garden causes around one euro in water costs.

Supermarket prices are skyrocketing, but we consumers also have to dig deeper into our pockets for electricity, petrol, furniture and clothing. What did you observe? What do you do to save money each month for yourself and your family? Send an e-mail to with your name and telephone number


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