(Quebec) It is impossible that Carl Girouard was in psychosis when he attacked seven innocent bystanders with his saber in Old Quebec, because it would involve a “miraculous” recovery in detention.

This is the thesis hammered home by the Crown in its ultimate attempt to convince the 11 members of the jury. The prosecution believes that the killer is criminally responsible. Carl Girouard’s lawyer took advantage of the pleadings to undermine the credibility of the two prosecution experts.

“Will you believe that Carl Girouard, who has been obsessed with this mission for six years, will carry out the mission, snap out of his psychosis, never think about it again and never talk about it again, and this without any form of medication? Crown prosecutor Me François Godin asked the jury.

“Are you going to believe that?” he added emphatically, looking the jurors straight in the face at the Quebec courthouse.

The Crown recalled in its pleadings that Girouard had exemplary behavior in detention, after his carnage of October 31, 2020.

Seemingly in full possession of his faculties, he asserted his right to remain silent during the five long hours of police interrogation without ever flinching.

However, he only received real antipsychotic treatment from July 2021.

What’s more, a neuropsychologist who testified for the prosecution gave the killer two tests while in custody. Both concluded that there was no psychosis. “How do we explain that in defense of a healing that I would describe as miraculous?” asked Me Godin.

He rather thinks that the killer did not suffer from mental disorders on the evening of Halloween 2020. He had confided his plan in 2014 in a text submitted to a French teacher. Then he had carefully prepared it, even going so far as to visit the site of his carnage on Halloween night 2018.

Carl Girouard’s lawyer attacked the credibility of the prosecution’s experts. The Crown’s thesis is a house of cards destined to collapse, because its base is built on a “fundamental error”, launched in substance Me Pierre Gagnon.

“What value can we give to these results when the premises are false?” asked Me Gagnon.

The tests of neuropsychologist William Pothier, who concluded that Carl Girouard was not schizophrenic, are distorted according to him. Because the prosecution expert was unaware that the killer had consumed an antipsychotic drug a few weeks before undergoing the tests in the winter of 2022. Their effect could still have been felt according to him.

“Dr. Pothier passes the tests and says he is a little surprised at the results, because Carl Girouard was not subjected to antipsychotic medication. But that’s wrong, we know that now. »

“This is a fundamental error,” he told the jury.

The neuropsychologist’s allegedly erroneous conclusions then served as the basis for the second Crown expert, psychiatrist Sylvain Faucher, who produced a “biased” report.

Carl Girouard’s lawyer claims that Dr. Faucher stubbornly defended his thesis under cross-examination because he was “on mission” and “in representation”. He absolutely wanted to win the “duel”. “It shows you the personality of the character. »

In return, Me Gagnon asserted the qualities of his own expert. Dr. Gilles Chamberland “has a career that I think could be the envy of many psychiatrists.”

Dr. Chamberland concluded that Girouard was in psychosis when he killed two innocent bystanders with a sword. Drs Pothier and Faucher believe that the killer was not delirious the night of the killing, but rather realized a malevolent fantasy, stemming from a resentment towards this society which had rejected him.

The pleadings over, Judge Richard Grenier must give his instructions to the jury on Thursday and Monday. The jurors will then be sequestered and will have to render their decision.

Carl Girouard, 26, admits to being the perpetrator of the attack. But he pleads not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. He is charged with two first degree murders and five attempted murders.



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