(Quebec) The lawyer for the saber killer of Old Quebec attacked the credibility of the experts of the prosecution on Wednesday, in a last attempt to convince the jury that Carl Girouard is not responsible for his actions due to mental disorders.

The Crown’s thesis is a house of cards destined to collapse, because its base is built on a “fundamental error”, essentially indicated Me Pierre Gagnon to the 11 members of the jury gathered at the Quebec courthouse.

“What value can be given to these results when the premises are false? asked Me Gagnon during his pleadings.

The tests of neuropsychologist William Pothier, who concluded that Carl Girouard was not schizophrenic, are distorted according to him. Because the prosecution expert was unaware that the killer had consumed an antipsychotic drug a few weeks before undergoing the tests.

“Carl Girouard had been off Seroquel for three weeks, a month. Dr. Gilles Chamberland explained to you that it is a drug that can work for a month, he says. Dr. Pothier passes the tests and says he is a little surprised at the results, because Carl Girouard was not subjected to antipsychotic medication. But that’s wrong, we know that now. »

“This is a fundamental error,” he told the jury.

According to him, the neuropsychologist’s erroneous conclusions then served as a basis for the second Crown expert, psychiatrist Sylvain Faucher.

“I am of the opinion that from the moment Dr. Faucher obtains a report from Dr. Pothier before even producing his own expertise, it can only create a bias, to be biased,” argued Me Gagnon.

Carl Girouard’s lawyer claims that Dr. Faucher stubbornly defended his thesis under cross-examination because he was “on mission” and “in representation”. He absolutely wanted to win the “duel”.

“I feel like if I had asked him, ‘If it’s got four legs and yaps, is that a dog?’ he might have said, but in the Amazon, they found a yelping cat. He had to have an answer to everything. »

“It shows you the personality of the character,” he believes.

In return, Me Gagnon asserted the qualities of his own expert. Dr. Gilles Chamberland “has a career that I think would be the envy of many psychiatrists.” “He did not go through an unrecognized path to reach his conclusions. He says: this is what it clearly is. »

Dr. Chamberland concluded that Girouard was in psychosis when he killed two innocent bystanders with a saber on October 31, 2020.

Drs. Pothier and Faucher believe that the killer was not schizophrenic. He was not delirious the night of the killing, but rather realizing a malicious fantasy, stemming from a resentment towards this society which had rejected him.

Crown pleadings will take place on Wednesday afternoon. Judge Richard Grenier is due to instruct jurors on Thursday and Monday. They will then be sequestered and will have to render their decision.

Carl Girouard, 26, admits to being the perpetrator of the attack, but he pleads not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. He is charged with two first degree murders and five attempted murders.



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