From time to time it’s surprising that in “Kampf der Realitystars” (RTLZWEI) the fists don’t just fly at some point. “Snake!”, “Ghetto Bride!”, “Arrogant Ar…!”, “Shut up!” – The fuses became shorter, the air became more humid. Above all, but not only with Elena Miras, the tears flowed. In the end there were two big surprises in the selection process.

First, however, newcomers landed. First Paco Herb (winner of “Love Island 2021”) introduced himself. Then Jan Leyk celebrated a warm reunion with Martin Wernicke (left). In 2011 they played together in “Berlin – Day and Night”. Until Leyk was fired. Wernicke continued without Jan – until now. He celebrated his “reality debut”. Larissa Neumann, the third newcomer, was with GNTM in 2020, and was mainly remembered because she threw a few wines in the model flat without permission. “Rules are there to be broken,” she said. Schäfer Heinrich couldn’t believe that such a cheeky girl knew who he was. “A legend,” said Larissa, “of course I know you.”

It was followed by: Tears, the first! For once, Jan had thought about it and got the impression that he had tackled Nina Kristin too hard in the end (“Your story has been told”). So he apologized, which made her sob in disbelief. “I’ll give him another chance. He might not be such a pig as I thought.” Wait.

During the safety game, Jan probably wanted to “safe” Nina Kristin for reasons of reparation – and forced his will on the others. Everyone thought that was pretty uncool, but especially the Twins that Jan was after. When the identical people complained in unison, Jan snapped out of the blue. He roared down their arguments: “You guys are out tonight – bye!”

Jan, who “sometimes” sees himself as “the elephant in the china shop”, not only escalated against the twins (“I don’t like you!”), but also against his former buddies. When Yasin reprimanded him (“That wasn’t cool, Jan”), Jan immediately reacted insultingly: “Shut up, Yasin!” Even shepherd Heinrich became suspicious. “Not a pretty character.”

Because newcomer and “BTN” buddy Martin dared to point out a few shortcomings to Jan carefully and in an absolutely normal tone, Jan freaked out again: “Don’t talk like that shit .., otherwise you’ll have a real problem with me. What comes out of your mouth doesn’t interest me.” Martin: “Same arrogant, disrespectful way… as before!”

“The Twins really gave me a shit!” Jan says indignantly, completely misjudging the situation. “I think I’m good. I polarize. Not everyone celebrates that,” he said with conviction. Mistake? Not him! “I regret nothing.” And the twins? “They’re just in such a bad mood today because they’re wearing different shoes.”

Should the former “Berlin – Day and Night” actor really get away with it? The vote-out ceremony taught him otherwise. Jan threatened Yasin (“He’ll get a lesson today”), but suddenly it was he himself who got the most votes. Unsurprisingly, the Twins vote against him, but in addition to Heinz and Ronald (“That was the bottom drawer of yours!”), Yasin (“I won’t be where Jan is anymore”) and Heinrich also turned away.

“Jan is like a wild bull with a killer instinct and unfortunately absolutely not open to criticism,” analyzed Ronald Schill quite aptly. Only Jan was convinced that he was right and that the others “didn’t reflect”. His farewell greeting: “I’ll treat myself to a schnapps for the madness.” And who else got fired?

The decision of the three newcomers to the RTLZWEI dream beach caught everyone unprepared – most of all Sissi Hofbauer. Because Larissa and Martin had chosen the blonde influencer. Sissi kept her composure (“Krass!”), But Elena Miras lost hers because her bosom friend was stolen from her. She cried like a castle bulldog. Sissi a little too. “It hurts. But that’s the game.”

*The contribution “RTLZWEI-“Realitystar” freaks out completely – even Schill thinks it’s “bottom drawer”” is published by Teleschau. Contact the person responsible here.


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