According to a report, the federal government is planning to abolish the minimum distance that wind turbines must have from houses. This emerges from a reference draft. In order to prevent possible civil protests, this plan should only be implemented after the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In order to be able to set up more wind turbines in Germany, according to a plan by the federal government, the minimum distance between wind turbines and houses should be abolished in the future. This is reported by “Bild”, citing a draft bill to amend the Building Code.

It says literally: “The previous state opening clause in § 249 paragraph 3 BauGB for the introduction of state minimum distances for projects according to § 35 paragraph 1 number 5 BauGB, which serve the research, development or use of wind energy, should be repealed.”

So far, the federal states have been able to independently set minimum distances to wind turbines. This right is now to be withdrawn from the states. However, the existing rules should continue to apply. This includes, for example, the rule in Bavaria that stipulates that the height of the wind turbine multiplied by ten is the minimum distance to it.

In order to prevent states such as Brandenburg, Saxony or Thuringia from quickly setting minimum distances, the day of the decision in the cabinet should be the deadline from which no more changes may be decided.

In order to avoid possible protests by citizens in the run-up to the election in North Rhine-Westphalia, the abolition of the minimum distance is only on the government’s plan for the time after the election. The deadline is May 18th or 25th. According to “Bild”, the FDP in particular is said to have relied on this schedule.


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