They tied the knot in the Mariupol steelworks, and three days later Valeria was widowed. Her husband dies fighting the Russian army. The story goes viral on the internet and is an example of the cruelty of the Russian siege.

Valeria Karpylenko and her lover Andriy tie the knot on May 5 at the Azov Steelworks in Mariupol – but only three days later Andriy is dead of the city besieged by Russian soldiers. It was made public on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian National Guard.

Photos show the two holding hands in the dark, the wedding rings freshly on hand. Andriy is said to belong to the Ukrainian border guard. The two were already a couple before the war. On May 5th, Valeria and Andriy tied the knot in the steel mill, but Andriy died just three days later.

“You have been my legal husband for three days. And for eternity you are my love,” the Facebook page quotes Andrij’s widow. “You were and are the best. Your last name, your loving family and the memories are all I have left.” Posthumously, she is said to have promised her boyfriend that she would escape the siege at the steel mill and live for both of them.

The Azov steelworks in Mariupol is considered the last bastion of the Ukrainian resistance in the port city in the south-east of the country. The entrenched defenders continue to be bombed by the Russian Air Force. According to reports from those trapped, there is a lack of food, water and medicine. The conditions in the bunker system under the steelworks are said to be catastrophic.

Vladimir Putin failed to do two things on May 9: to celebrate the victory and to call the big mobilization. The world is now puzzling over what the Russian despot is up to. War researcher Lawrence Freedman has a clear theory of how the war might continue and end.

The federal government is apparently intended to delay the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine by leaving the government in Kyiv in the dark about the processes. This is reported by “Welt” with reference to government circles.

The Russian army has been fighting with rotten morale in its own ranks since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The latest reports suggest that this is also continuing in eastern Ukraine. Soldiers are said to have destroyed their own vehicles so as not to have to fight.


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