Two years ago Monchi weighed 182 kilos and presented himself as a tough hitter, now he is 65 kilos lighter and is questioning his life so far. On a bike ride, the singer of the punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet talks about body fat as armor and the fear of showing weakness.

The last time I saw Monchi, the punk from Western Pomerania, was when he fell on me with his 182 kilos. Drenched in sweat and with a torn shirt, the singer of the band Feine Sahne Fischfilet jumped down from the upper tier of the Berlin Columbiahalle into the crowd. Six years and 150 pounds later, he’s standing in front of me. In the shadow of the sky-blue dockyards of the Rostock port, he hugs me with a grin and then gets on his bike.–was-hat-uebergewicht-mit-toxischer-maennlichkeit-zu-tun–31785530.html?utm_campaign=alle-nachrichten&utm_medium=rss-feed&utm_source=standard


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