After the presumably violent death of two children in Hanau, investigations into the crime are ongoing. The police are still looking for a male suspect, the investigators assume a family background.

However, they initially did not want to disclose the relationship between the suspect and the boy and girl. This Thursday, the public prosecutor’s office also wants to inform about the autopsy results. According to previous information, investigators are assuming a homicide.

Passers-by alerted the police at 7:25 a.m. on Wednesday morning after discovering a seriously injured boy on the ground in front of the high-rise building, who later died in hospital. The officers then found the lifeless girl on the balcony of an apartment on the ninth floor.

“The investigators from the public prosecutor’s office and the criminal police are assuming a homicide and are now concentrating on what happened in the house in the morning,” said the police and the public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

According to the first indications, it is likely to be the seven-year-old girl and the eleven-year-old boy who lived in the apartment. The identity of the children was not yet clear. The boy was unresponsive when officers arrived. The emergency doctor could only determine the girl’s death.

The police cordoned off the area around the downtown skyscraper, questioned neighbors and secured evidence. A drone was also used to take photos. Removed bushes in front of the 11 story building to allow the area to be searched. “In such an act, we run the full program,” said a police spokesman.

Local residents and Hanau’s Lord Mayor Claus Kaminsky (SPD) were shocked. “It’s a shock that’s going through the city again,” he told the “Bild” newspaper. “We now have to await further investigations by the police. Unfortunately, there is a lot to be said for a family drama.” Accordingly, he does not know the family personally, but knows that they have received socio-educational support for a few months.


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