The chaotic Andalusian experience for the creation of a leftist alliance already brings consequences of national repercussion. If on Monday it was Yolanda Díaz who was removed from this project after verifying the fiasco of Podemos in the electoral register and the internal battle of the purples with the United Left, now it is Más Madrid who refuses to export this model to its autonomy in the face of the next regional elections, which are held in a year.

In the ranks of Podemos and the rest of the parties that make up the Andalusian conglomerate, they are aware of the damage that this uneven start of the coalition is causing for their electoral expectations. But it is already going beyond 19-J and threatens to harm the progress of the broad front of Yolanda Díaz, who has diametrically disregarded the confluence for Andalusia.

Yesterday it was the leader of the Madrid opposition, Mónica García, who refused to be inspired by the Andalusian pact for the next step through the polls: “I have not the slightest intention of reproducing anything that is happening there.” She did it as emphatically as the second vice president spoke a day ago, who believed that her future platform has “nothing to do” with what is taking place in the south, despite the fact that she supported in person just four days ago what will be the candidate of the space, Inmaculada Nieto, against the criterion of the purple formation.

But not only the Madrid case has dissipated. In the Valencian Community, this Monday Íñigo Errejón brought together Compromís and other left-wing formations in Valencia, apart from Podemos and Díaz. Despite the fact that the desire of this confluence is to continue adding support, this Monday’s meeting was understood as a pulse to the second vice president of the Government due to the lack of specificity regarding her political plan.

A suspense that irritates Podemos, which continues to consider that Andalusia is the “first step” of the vice president’s career, although the ways of laying the foundations of this coalition have not been liked by the purple apparatus. In fact, Pablo Iglesias, who was the one who personally appointed Yolanda Díaz as successor and leader of the space to the left of the PSOE, has been “hurt” with the existing conflict in Andalusia and has opined that what should be the first chapter of Díaz’s roadmap has started “in the worst possible way.”

Some statements that are avoided from the purple space and that Inmaculada Nieto herself cleared yesterday when considering that neither the project nor the Andalusian citizens need this type of “noise”. In fact, the parties involved in this agreement yesterday ruled out presenting a new appeal to the Electoral Board, considering that this route is “exhausted”, according to space sources.

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