The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has warned that, with the dismissal of the director of the CNI by the Government, Pedro Sánchez has turned a “political problem with his partners into a state crisis” and that he has delved into a “drift” that drags and weakens the institutions. “We are witnessing live and direct a self-immolation [sic] of the Government that is seriously damaging Spain,” he has sentenced.

For Feijóo, Sánchez today is a “disoriented” president, “overcome by events”, “caught in his own contradictions” and “blackmailed once again” by his pro-independence partners. In short, he is “a caricature of the President of the Government” that we Spaniards “do not deserve” and that he is the head of the “worst government in democracy”.

In an appearance at the PP headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, he has denounced that the director of the CNI has been dismissed “without a single explanation” and that her dismissal has then been communicated in a “shameful and shameful” way by those who know that she is “humiliating” the institutions it represents. “It is one more step in a drift that seems to have no possible return,” he lamented.

For Feijóo, the justification for this dismissal is not in the actions carried out by Paz Esteban in office, but rather that the president has “surrendered” to some “insatiable” pro-independence partners. “He has chosen the route that guarantees him more time in Moncloa regardless of the price we have to pay for it,” he said. In his opinion, he has chosen to deliver a “scapegoat” who seeks a “smokescreen” to act as a firewall in a political problem between his partners and him.

The leader of the PP has also stressed that there is no information about what has happened and the number of aspects that are still “unknown” about the Pegasus case. For example, what information was spied on and stolen from Sánchez’s mobile. And if that information, he has stressed, “compromises” the “action” that the President of the Government is carrying out or if it compromises the “independence of the Government” or the “security of the State” itself. “We continue without any explanation”, he has criticized him.

The same as with the derivative of Pegasus about the spied on Catalan independentists. He has asked himself “who ordered the wiretaps”, the “reason” and has asked to know if Sánchez was aware of what the CNI did “following the instructions” of the Executive.

The management of all this has been criticized by Feijóo in resounding terms. “What we have experienced in these weeks not only erodes the foundations of our democracy, but also supposes an operation to discredit our institutions perpetrated by the institutions.”

He has described that the Government has transformed a problem into “a crisis that has weakened the nation, that is generating shame in the majority of citizens and surprise and mistrust in the international community.”

“Spain does not deserve a government that has made the crisis its natural state, or that denies any explanation to the Spanish while going out of its way to entertain its pro-independence partners. Spain does not deserve a president who hides behind smoke screens to cover the shortcomings of his management and the weakness of his presidency”, he said.

In his appearance, the leader of the PP recalled that the PP had offered last Monday its support to the Government in terms of national security to deal with this matter of the Pegasus case. However, he has regretted that once again that hand extended by him to end up in the arms of the separatists has been “ignored”.

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