The federal government is apparently supposed to delay the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine by leaving the government in Kyiv in the dark about the processes. This is reported by “Welt” with reference to government circles.

So far, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has at least not informed the Ukrainian government that Kyiv would have to order the Gepard anti-aircraft tanks itself from the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann armaments company. Instead, the message to Ukraine was that it would receive the tanks directly from the federal government.

Lambrecht’s statements to the Ukrainian government differ fundamentally from those made publicly. A day after the announcement of the delivery of Gepard tanks to Ukraine, the minister announced on ZDF that it was a “contract between Ukraine and the company”. The federal government only gives permission for it.

At the request of the world, the Federal Ministry of Defense confirmed this position. “It is not about a delivery of Bundeswehr material. The scope of delivery (cheetah, ammunition, training, …) is negotiated in direct exchange between the company and Ukraine,” it said to “Welt”. Ministry also “no knowledge of when the announced Cheetah anti-aircraft gun tanks will be delivered to Ukraine”. This emerges from the ministry’s response to a request from CDU MP Serap Güler.

Confusion also prevails at Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. The armaments company also assumed a different approach. Before the Cheetah tanks can be delivered, they would have to be repaired, a spokesman told the New York Times. In order to start, the company is waiting for an order confirmation from the federal government.

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