The police in Essen are investigating suspected attack plans at two schools against a 16-year-old. “We can confirm that the suspect is a 16-year-old German student at the Don Bosco High School,” the police said. A police spokeswoman told the German Press Agency that the SEK had searched the high school student’s apartment early in the morning. “” and “NRZ” had previously reported on this.

The police seized explosives and materials to build a bomb to plan an attack from the student, but no explosive device. The material was functional but not operational, said NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) on Thursday. With their operations, the police may have “prevented a nightmare,” Reul continued.

In addition, spears and other stabbing weapons were secured during the search of the apartment. Police officers carried the weapons and several boxes from the apartment on the top floor of a house into a van, a dpa photo reporter reported on Thursday.

A police spokeswoman had previously said: “Fortunately nothing happened at the schools.” The young person is currently in police custody. It is not yet known whether he has commented.

According to dpa information, there are indications of right-wing tendencies among the young people. Accordingly, a manifesto was found in which he omits several people whom he says he hates.

The operations with searches at the Don-Bosco-Gymnasium in Essen-Borbeck and at the secondary school at Borbeck Castle were still running in the morning, the spokeswoman said. The suspect is a high school student and had previously attended secondary school.

According to police, she received “tips” that the 16-year-old may have planned a crime at his current or former school. “” reported that the tip came from a classmate of the 16-year-old. According to Reul, the police have so far not found any explosive devices when they searched the schools. “Every corner of the classroom is turned to the left,” he said.

In the morning, a few police cars could still be seen in front of the Catholic high school, which is attended by almost 800 students. There were no barriers, the school gate was open. But no one was allowed in. Several police officers guarded the school grounds.

“We received indications that a crime was planned in the school,” it said on the high school’s website. “In order to examine the school for evidence, we had to block access to the school today in consultation with the police.” It can be assumed that classes will go back to normal on Friday. According to “NRZ”, high school exams should actually be written on Thursday.

NRW-SPD leader Thomas Kutschaty, who lives in Essen, was shocked. “It is probably thanks to a high level of civil courage and the courageous intervention of the police that nothing happened to the teachers and pupils. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!” Wrote the top candidate for the state elections on Sunday on Twitter.


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