A suspicious object in a building belonging to the Russian state news agency Ria Novosti triggered a police operation in Berlin on Friday.

According to the police, officials discovered a construction with a bottle in a light shaft in the afternoon, the danger of which they could not assess. “Our forensic technicians are now analyzing whether there was a danger or not,” said police spokesman Thilo Calbitz in the evening.

First, the police were called because of a bottle thrown at the building. When the house was then searched, the construction was discovered in the light well.

“We can’t say yet whether that was dangerous or not or whether someone made a bad joke,” said the police spokesman. A result will be available on Saturday at the earliest.

Ria Nowosti herself wrote in the Telegram news service about a canister wrapped with wires and that it was the home of correspondents.

The item found in the building in Steglitz is currently being investigated by forensic technology. It is not yet possible to say whether the incident should be regarded as an attack on the news agency building.



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