In Essen, the police are on a larger scale at two schools. “A major police operation is currently underway at the Don-Bosco-Gymnasium in Essen-Borbeck,” the police wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.

Shortly afterwards she reported: “The police operation also affects the secondary school at Borbeck Castle. Both schools will initially remain closed today.”

According to media reports, a SEK commando stormed the apartment of a student before the two police operations. and “NRZ” reported that the use of the special task force in the early hours of the morning was directed against a student at an affected school.

In the Catholic Don Bosco School with almost 800 students, it was only said that an operation was in progress. No further information can be given.

On the homepage, the high school informs the families at 7.20 a.m.: “Breaking news. Unfortunately, school has to be canceled today. Justifications come later.”

When asked by the dpa, a police spokesman initially said that no information could yet be given on the use and background. In the same district there was an SEK operation early in the morning.


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