A “man with the face of a young Greek god”, Valentin Verne, a 23-year-old inspector, followed like his shadow by an occult affairs”. Anything that doesn’t fit into the explainable boxes of reason in the year 1830, “impossible crimes, or crimes apparently tinged with the supernatural,” lands on the inspector’s desk. That’s what you need to know if you missed the first book in this historical spy series that became a best seller upon release.

A first finalist volume of the Le Point award for European thrillers 202.1 A burst of honors for Pavicic, “Le Point” award for European thrillers, which it is however better to read before the novelty (it comes out in your pocket), to fully grasp the Valentin’s obsession with this “Vicar” whose ghost lurks… However, the plot is double, and starts here with the abuse of a father’s weakness. Her daughter is dead and a mage, like Sâr Pelandan, makes her speak from beyond the grave. A new affair for Verne, heir to the great Vidocq; a new plot for us, tremendously successful.

The Ghost of the Vicar, t.2 of the Office of Occult Affairs, by Éric Fouassier (Albin Michel, 384 pages, 21.90 euros).

The Office of Occult Affairs, t.1 (The Pocket Book, 448 pages, 8.40 euros).

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