Slipping away with “The Duke”

A comedy, funny, eccentric, both light and serious, the last of the British filmmaker Roger Michell, who made us laugh so much with Love at first sight in Notting Hill. It is worn by John Broadbent and Helen Mirren, who play wonderfully anonymous middle class people who find themselves at the heart of a case that shook England and Scotland Yard for four years, from 1961 to 1965. The Duke, c t is a painting, the Duke of Wellington painted by Goya, which will mysteriously disappear from the National Gallery in London, stolen discreetly by a certain Kempton Bunton, a modest sixty-something from Newcastle and a former taxi driver. According to him, a loan, not a theft, and for a good cause: the end of the BBC license fee for seniors.

May 13-23. Free admission.

Avantgardet. Last two albums: Smash and Grab and Nybrosoundet.

It is under the high patronage of a beautiful maxim by the philosopher Alexandre Jollien “To meet the other, it is to rest a little of oneself” that the Capazza gallery, in Sologne, presents the exhibition “Coexist” until June 26, 2022. In this place of rare poetry, an excursion in itself – 2,000 square meters attached to the Château de Nançay – dozens of photographers, sculptors, painters have worked on this idea of ​​coexistence, with nature, the passing time, and the other, of course. We will admire in particular the work of the aboriginal artists invited, who have many lessons to teach us about the challenges of our coexistence with the earth, to which they attach their memory, or the sculptures of Sandra Zeenni, whose latest works, all in bumps and crevices, physical and fantastic, dialogue with the expressionist work of Auguste Rodin. The artist (who will also exhibit in the region, at the Palais Jacques Cœur, as part of the “Terra Incognita” exhibition from July 9) had also reinterpreted in Nyl, all in sensual power, the Torso of Adèle made in 1884 by the master, transported by the movements of the body of his favorite model, Adèle Abruzzesi.

Coexist. Until June 26, 2022.

First broadcast in 2017, the Ozark series is one of the nuggets in the Netflix catalog. The life of Wendy and Marty Byrde and their two children, Charlotte and Jonah, an uneventful family living in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago, changes when the father becomes an accomplice in spite of himself in a dark story of drug trafficking. A powerful Mexican cartel confronts him with two choices: launder their money or die. This is how the Byrdes land in the Ozarks, a region of Missouri located in the American “Rust Belt”, where they will spend four seasons buying up bars and casinos to convert dirty money into clean bills. There, they will mingle with a colorful local community (from the Langmore family, rednecks with cowboy manners, to the Snells, poppy farmers without limits under their air of gentlemen farmers) and will discover an extraordinary capacity. to survive among the tough. But how will it all end? This final season lives up to the first three: powerful and endearing characters, an exciting psychological, moral and social dimension, a maddening degree of cynicism that softens a sensitivity that reaches its peak in the final episode. Great art.

From May 3, 2022 at the Toulouse region hotel. Free admission.


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