Toni Kroos and FC Bayern don’t have the best relationship despite the time they spent together. “Ten minutes after a contract extension, he already regretted it again” – the Real Madrid star once snubbed the Bayern community with this saying, but now the 32-year-old is defending his former team in the Ibiza affair.

Kroos speaks: When parts of the Bayern team left for a weekend break in Ibiza after the listless, embarrassing 1: 3 in Mainz, the excitement and criticism was great. Toni Kroos, who was under contract in Munich for five years, sided with the Bayern stars in his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen”.

Adults: “I also think it’s good that they pulled it off despite the defeat in Mainz,” said Kroos. “It also shows quite well that nowadays people from the outside, or of course mostly the media, think that they can use the reporting to dictate to grown-up people what they have to do and not do on their days off!”

Reason to celebrate: Kroos also provides another explanation for his opinion: “They had achieved a goal, they also had something to celebrate and were officially given two days off by their employer.” Whether the ex-national player still has something to celebrate this season has will be shown on May 28th. Then Kroos is with Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League against Real Madrid.

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