Final whistle for the “FIFA” series! “FIFA 23” will be the final part of EA’s popular football simulation game. So fans don’t have to worry: What will change is above all the title of future games from the football segment of EA Sports. “EA Sports FC” will be the name of the kicker games from 2023. This is the result of the publisher and the world football association FIFA not being able to agree on the contractual terms for the future license rights.

It already became clear in autumn 2021 that Fifa and EA could go their separate ways after the end of the contract period. At that time, the publisher spoke publicly about problems in the negotiations. Apparently, Fifa gambled too high on license costs. EA is therefore confidently going its own way. The last title under the “FIFA” brand will be “FIFA 23”, which will appear in the usual rotation in 2022. “A new era begins in July 2023,” says a blog post on the German-language EA website. It is about the first information about “EA Sports FC”.

Gamers don’t have to worry about dealing with fictitious player names and clubs in the future, as was partly the case with Pro Evolution Soccer. EA proudly emphasizes in the blog post that the separation of the former contractual partners will not affect the licenses, leagues and athletes that have been built up over many years. Over 300 license partners, 19,000 players in 700 teams, 100 stadiums and around 30 international leagues are still on board with “EA Sports FC”. These include the most important competitions, the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, as well as the big leagues from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and MLS to the first and second Bundesliga.

Insiders explain how the name change came about with concrete numbers: EA paid around 150 million US dollars for the licenses in the old contract. Fifa allegedly wanted around 250 million dollars a year for continued use. EA emphasizes the advantages of future independence from world football’s governing body: It is now easier to integrate new partners – especially those that are not tied to FIFA. In a leak from an internal EA meeting, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson is quoted. He cites the sports brand Nike as an example of the newly won freedom: These can now be taken into account, while Fifa has a partnership with Adidas and does not allow any rivals.

For players, this is relatively unimportant. More exciting, however, are Wilson’s statements that the end of the FIFA cooperation will also have positive effects on possible game modes. The world association is said to have prevented other game modes than “11 against 11” to date. In the future, the game modes are likely to be more creative.

FIFA reacted to the failed negotiations and defiantly announced that it was in negotiations with big names from the gaming industry to create its own “FIFA” game. “I can assure you that only the authentic, realistic game that bears the FIFA name will be the best choice for players and football fans,” said President Gianni Infantino. Anyone who has EA’s statements on their screens, on the other hand, will remember an equally defiant statement by CEO Wilson. He meant that the money could be invested more sensibly than for four letters on the cover.

EA wants to reveal what players can expect from the last part of the old series, i.e. “FIFA 23”, this summer. The publisher promises “more game modes, features, teams, leagues, players and competitions than any previous edition” and of course “the best ‘FIFA’ ever”. The latter, however, was of course an annual promise. EA does not want to reveal details about “EA Sports FC” until summer 2023.

The original of this post “FIFA series from EA gets a new name” comes from Teleschau.


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