The Black Baron has been captured, but he refuses to reveal where his treasure is hidden. One thing is certain, the chests are buried in the floating archipelago of Kran… And several buccaneers have set out to find them.

Despite its theme that may seem childish, this game imagined and made in Quebec is devilishly intelligent. Not that the rules are complicated, no, but to hope to win, you need a solid strategy where each move is planned a few turns in advance. Otherwise, disaster is guaranteed! One must also always have one’s eye on one’s opponent; take advantage of good luck also a little… The basic game is already pleasant and complete, but it can become a bit more complex with the addition of cards that give a unique power to the player.

Archipirata can be played with two or four people, but we strongly advise you to experience it as a duo. Interest wanes at four players. That said, this game remains one of our great discoveries of the moment! Only problem: it is difficult to find on the shelves of major retailers, but can be ordered online on the Momentum Editions site.

Here is a clever variant of the Werewolf game of Thiercelieux, built this time around the villains of Disney. Villagers and werewolves are replaced here by those big baddies we love, struggling to take control of the dark, devastated realm from which they’ve all been banished. Some are loyal to the power in place, others are traitors who want to usurp the throne. Every night, the traitors try to eliminate the loyal ones who try to unmask the tricksters by going to the vote in the morning. But unlike the traditional game, all players are assigned a character visible to all, either big bad guys with unique powers and their acolytes. These sidekicks don’t necessarily have the same alignment as their bosses though, so they have to be careful when it comes to speaking out, because if they vote to have their leader eliminated and the leader is loyal, they’re eliminated too!

The Assembly of Villains therefore offers more dimensions than the original game; however, it is important to ensure that all players are familiar with the powers of all the big baddies – it is the role of the game master to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Judging by the happy discussions that accompanied the spontaneous reports at the end of the two games played with grandparents, parents, cousins ​​and cousins, this new version of Werewolves will be very popular. To the point of dislodging the classic? To have !

Is reinventing the mime game mission impossible? Not for the band of Synapses Games, a Quebec publisher increasingly active in the world of board games. With Fous à lier, the players do not have to mime a word to guess, but several pictograms which, once linked together on the game board, will form the silhouette of the mystery word.

For example, to guess the word carrot, the designer will draw a carrot by connecting several small icons on his secret board: a dog, a sword, a key, a whale… He will then have to mime each of his concepts so that his teammates in turn draw a drawing of a carrot in their notebook. Result: the mimes follow one another at high speed, which does not fail to provoke its share of laughs. A simple and effective party game; WE love.


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